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Telefunken EL11 Vacuum Tube is an audio output pentode on a continental footless base. In Class A single ended service, it can provide up to 4.2 Watts of power at 10% distortion and in Class AB1 a pair of the tubes can generate 8.2 Watts combined output power. The classic envelope measures 44 mm in diameter and 113 mm tall excluding the footless base pins, with a weight of around 80 g per tube. It bears its makers name and type designation etched into the glass for easy identification purposes, as well as having several similar tubes such as EL11N (other shape), 6M6G; EL33; EL3N (other base) or AL4 (other heater). If you are looking to purchase one of these vacuum tubes today, they may be difficult to find due their rarity but online retailers or vintage electronics stores may have some available at reasonable prices if you look hard enough!

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