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Enhance the performance of your VE301 Radio with the TELEFUNKEN AF7 (WE34) vacuum pentode tube.

Discover the perfect replacement for your vintage VE301 radio with the TELEFUNKEN AF7 Vacuum Pentode Tube. This high-quality vacuum tube is designed to deliver superior audio performance, ensuring crystal-clear sound and reliable operation for your cherished radio.

Vintage excellence: The TELEFUNKEN AF7 (WE34) is a classic vacuum pentode tube known for its exceptional quality and reliability. It’s the ideal choice for preserving the authentic sound of your vintage VE301 radio.
Improved audio: Experience enhanced audio clarity and fidelity with this premium vacuum tube. Whether you’re tuning in to your favorite AM broadcasts or enjoying nostalgic tunes, the AF7 (WE34) elevates your listening experience.
Longevity: TELEFUNKEN tubes are renowned for their durability and longevity. The AF7 (WE34) is no exception, ensuring years of reliable service for your VE301 radio.

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