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The Philips 506 Miniwatt Tube rectifier (RGN 1054) is a vacuum tube rectifier that was commonly used in electronics equipment during the mid-20th century. It has a 4-pin base and is designed to operate at a maximum plate voltage of 500 volts and a maximum plate current of 100 milliamperes.

The 506 Miniwatt tube rectifier is known for its reliability and long service life, and it is still sought after by vintage audio enthusiasts today. It has a warm and natural sound that is prized by many audiophiles.

If you are looking to purchase a Philips 506 Miniwatt Tube (RGN 1054), you may want to check with online retailers or vintage electronics stores.

Keep in mind that due to its rarity and desirability, it may be difficult to find one at a reasonable price.

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  1. Relumi

    Excellent equipment! Fst shipping. Well packed. Thank you.

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