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The Philips E424N Miniwatt Gold Vacuum Triode Tube is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and long-lasting rectifier to power their vintage audio equipment. With its signs indicating use by Wehrmacht, this tube offers very good emission with Uf = 4V, Ua = 200V and Ug1 = -3.5V resulting in Ia of 8.6mA (100% Ia of 6.0mA). It also has an impressive aesthetic appeal due to its first year production being 1929 by Wehrmacht as well as other bases such as E424N_UY; VT3 Oxytron; TM-CDT2 making it a highly desirable item among collectors and audiophiles alike! However, because of its rarity you may have difficulty finding one at an affordable price so keep an eye on our Radiolamphead vintage tubes store if you’re looking for the best deal possible on the Philips 506 Miniwatt Tube (RGN 1054)!

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1 review for Philips E424N Gold Miniwatt Vacuum Tube (REN904, AG495, E428, A4110)

  1. Gareth Stephensons

    Just got Philips E424N and it’s working great! Thanks for the help. Highly recommend.

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