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EBC3 manufactured by Tungsram, is a double diode triode receiving valve designed for use as a detector, AGC detector, and as the initial audio amplification stage in a superheterodyne receiver.

Tube type: This tube falls under the category of Double Diode-Triode Audio Frequency tubes.
Equivalent models: The EBC3 is interchangeable with several other tube models, including TEBC3, MEBC3, CV1428, VEBC3, 6E4 Ultron, VT166 GPO, and CV1715.
Similar tubes: There are tubes similar to the EBC3, with slight variations. Notably, the DDT6S and WE11 can be used as replacements with minor differences.
Alternative bases: In addition to its primary base, the EBC3 can also be found with an EBC33 base.
Physical characteristics: EBC3 tube is encased in a classic envelope with a diameter of 28 mm and a height of 87 mm, excluding the Ct8 base pins.
Weight: around 40 grams.

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