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Vintage tube ABC1 – Triode and double diode.
Lamps from old Hungary, unused, working and measured – original NOS. Gold series in original box.
Checking measurements were made before the lamps was put up for sale.
Triode part: Ua = 250 V and Us = – 6 V, the emission was Ia = 7.02 mA;
The so-called unused NOS in such conditions. measurement is Ia = 6.8 mA
The diode part of the lamps at 12 V: d1 = 1.012 mA and d2 = 1.014 mA
The lamps has catalog parameter values.

The photos show the lamps for sale, the so-called Real-Photo, comes from my private collection of lamps.

We pack the items in a very safe way for transportation and ship them usually in two working days after payment.
If you have any questions please email me.